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Minecraft: STORY MODE: The Last Place You Look - Part 14

After a few days of reptiel on the planet, they're in for a surprise when they minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile who is exactly inhabiting the planet. They love each other for so long now, but Weiss won't admit these feelings to herself and Ruby isn't brave enough to make the first move. To cap it all, Weiss has a secret minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile makes her despise her life and Ruby's ambitions to become a Huntress start to get kind of self-destructive after something on a mission goes horribly wrong.

Will their relationship save them from themselves? Alpha Min Yoongi has a guilty pleasure: With this relevation, Yoongi invites Jungkook to visit the grand opening of Jimin's Cupcake Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, a new cafe across from their place of business, with him. Yoongi loves the cupcakes, of course, but he's more in love with minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile adorable omega owner, Mineceaft Jimin.

Jimin, however, would rather match his omega best friend Kim Taehyung with Jungkook than pay attention to Yoongi's advances. Stories of your different patrons as a worker in the most well-kept and prestigious brothel in the continent.

Taking requests for characters. See first page for details! Gifting to everyone whose requests I fill! The Spade King has absolute rule over his kingdom, but he will eventually need an heir to take his place. And AchiBig Bad of the first game, shapeshifts into a game of thrones pussy for the final boss fight.

Dishonored has the Outsider, an You'd mistake him for a handsome young man in plain clothing were it not for his totally black eyeballs, his tendency to be wreathed in shadow, and that he seems to enjoy hovering a foot or so off the ground.

His hobbies include speaking with endermah bemusement about mortal affairs, entering people's dreams to inspire bizarre inventions, branding those he deems "interesting" with his mark to grant them really weird powers, being alternately worshipped as a god and vilified as a Satanic figure, and hanging out in a realm called The Void which may or may not be slowly consuming reality as its inhabitants know it.

The game's creators endderman that the Outsider was originally an outcast teenage boy before a ritual merged him with the Void, making him its avatar. Nightmare, specifically his incarnation in Soul Calibur III and Soul Calibur IVin which he endfrman an empty suit of armour animated minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the will of a BFS -turned- Eldritch Abomination called Soul Edgewhich seeks to devour all life in existence - and is described in IV as having become an extension of the sword itself.

His other gay porn gamed are a result of Soul Edge possessing and corrupting the humans who pick it up.

Algol is a former human example after sacrificing his life to forge the Soul Calibur sword, he ended up in the Astral Chaos and became an immortal avatar of war and destruction. After materializing in the normal world, he is capable of warping reality as he sees fit and is pretty much considered a Physical God. nude anime bunny

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OFFdepending minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the Alternate Ending you pick. It helps that the thing's on the very edge between this and a full-blown eldritch in appearance and that, from your perspective, it had you fooled the entire time. Dark Samusthe main antagonist of the Metroid Prime Trilogyresembles a black, biomechanical version of Samus Aran. She began as the titular Metroid Prime, a Metroid mutated by prolonged exposure to Phazon and prophesied by the Chozo as the Worm.

Following Metroid Prime's defeat at the hands of Samus, it merged with her Phazon Suit bdsm hentai brutal came back as a twisted doppelganger bent on spreading Phazon throughout the universe and even other dimensions, and was unkillable as long as Phazon existed.

The True Final Boss fight against her in Echoes shows what she actually looks like under that "armor", which is more accurately an exoskeleton shell at this point, where she looks minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile a vaguely humanoid version of the Metroid Prime's core form. The Big BadBaron Alexander von Brennenburg, is eventually revealed to be a being from another universe that got exiled into our own.

He takes a human form to fit in with our society, but as pornsleep sexsexual game goes on it's clear he is something else. Looking at a portrait of him while low on sanity transforms his minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile into a horrific corpse-like visage, which is believed by some to be a glimpse at his true form.

Dragon Age Flemeth, the Witch of the Wilds. It's not yet clear what she is, but she unnerves everybody.

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Her own daughter Morrigan eventually discovers that Flemeth is no mere demon-possessed mage or Blood Mage, but something else - and even she doesn't know what. Fenris claims that he's met demons, blood mages, and abominations, but he can tell that Flemeth isn't any of those things. Even Justice, a Fade Spirithas no idea what she is. The only thing certain about her is that she is dangerous. Also very powerful - her introduction in the second game is showing up as a dragon and saving your life, and she regards minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile own death as a minor event, not even an inconvenience.

Inquisition reveals that she is possessed, not by a demon but by the last remnants of Mythal, dead elven goddess of minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile and justice.

By game's end, you'll website for porn download partially exist in reality, be surrounded by magical protections, possess supernatural strength and durability, be able to manipulate blood and cast spells with it, and can control the minds of your victims.

Only the Archdemon and other similarly powerful enemies really stand much chance. By the end of Witch Hunt, the player has the chance to also take the Dalish Keeper path, Spirit Healer path, and Shapeshifter Path so in addition to the aforementioned powers, you can also summon Fade entities, move underground, transform into a giant corrupted spider, spawn trees that continually damage foes, go One to Million to One as a swarm of devouring insects, and even raise the comatose.

Fateweavers treat you like a walking Physical God and the Tuatha refer to you as an abomination, and for a good reason. One NPC even has a freak out watching your power work, although to be fair he just watched you rip out an enemy's fate then use it as a weapon. That in the world where you can't fight fate. First Encounter Assault Recon: Alma is warped by hatred from a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl to full-blown world-threatening reality-breaking abomination, yet keeps her somewhat human appearance.

The Creep in the third game: It eventually turns out that it is an amalgam of the worst memories Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, the Point Man, and Alma have of Harlan Wade, given life by Alma's psychic powers. In Drakengard 3the Intoners all look human and are anything but. Zero is the only Intoner who is even remotely a true human and the flower in her eye is changing her into something else.

The others are all nascent Grotesquerie Queens who copied the forms of Zero's fellow adventurers when they were born. After the death of Manus, the Father of the Abysshis soul shattered. The remains of the monster itself became the Dark Chasm of Old, and the splinters of its soul formed humanoid bodies intent on recreating Manus. Although given what Manus is, it would be more appropriate to call them Human Abominations.

The tiniest of these fragments became Nashandra, the queen of Drangleic and the true mastermind behind Vendrick's downfall. The Darklurker, an impossibly powerful, angel-like being that casts a myriad of large-scale spells, resides in the Dark Chasm of Old, though whether or not it's another fragment of Manus is unknown, and the description of its soul leaves it at that. Dark Souls 3 introduces a benevolent Child of Dark named Karla, who is the only NPC who can teach you dark spells without going mad in the process.

The Sith Lords was human once, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile has minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile become a walking black hole of life energy, draining planets to feed his hunger, flying a ship populated mostly by husks who are being progressively drained and little better than corpses.

His official databook profile describes him as "human dark side aberration ". Since your player character embodies the same kind of twisted Force vacuum effect that made Nihilus basically an embodiment of hunger, this also means that you have the potential to be one.

Ironically enough, the similarities between them render Nihilus vulnerable when he tries to feed off of the Exile. That's what happens when a Force vampire tries to feed off of a Force black hole. He doesn't look particularly monstrous until he uses the Triforce of Power to become Ganon, at which point he looks more like what the eternal embodiment of an angry evil god's hatred should look hentai breed rape. It even fights much the same as a hunter, making it a Mirror Boss much unlike its alien breathren.

The Pirate Master from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse turns out to be a large, humanoid thing made of Dark Magic and human bones, with enough power to literally bring darkness to Sequin Land. He's the reason why there aren't any full genies in Sequin Land any more since it took all of their Light Magic to weaken and seal him.

Even in his weakened state, it still took the combined forces of Shantae recovering her Light Magic and Risky hijacking a palace-destroying cannon for the Pirate Master to finally be destroyed. In Undertalethe first Fallen Child, who you named at the beginning of the game - yeah, you weren't naming your character, you were naming the game's Greater-Scope Villain.

Also, you in a Genocide Runas the first Fallen Child begins possessing you. It doesn't stop him from warping reality to his minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, creating copies of the Moon as projectiles minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, creating winds in space to blow celestial bodies away and other stuffs of similar magnitude.

Most of the beings listed in the Dead Apostle Ancestors list, 27 beings who are ranked based on their threat level towards humanity ber00 xxx futa a whole, are usually former-humans who became vampires after various circumstances, and being immortal, take their time to study magic and gain immense magical power.

The Servants summoned in the Holy Grail Wars. They aren't just resurrected spirits, they're incarnations pulled from the cycle of death and rebirth, as entities who imprinted themselves into the very consciousness of humanity due to being viewed as "heroes" in sometimes horrifying, obtuse ways, as seen with most anti-heroes.

It is stated over and over again throughout the VN, despite being summoned as a familiar for a Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, they are existences beyond what sakrah grils nude apk human is capable of equaling or understanding. And this is true: Counter Guardians look as human as the other Servants but are arguably even weirder.

These beings aren't heroes in the traditional sense. They are the agents of Alaya, the collective will of humanity itself, and are deployed whenever something threatens humanity.

Unleashing them is the equivalent of deploying a tactical nuke on the part of Alaya, and often ends with equivalent collateral damage. On certain occasions, Counter Guardians minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile willing to, and havekilled thousands of people to save humanity as a whole.

One of the seven Servants of the 5th Holy Grail War is a counter guardian, and aside from his dark skin and white hair that he doesn't have in the presenthe looks perfectly human.

They've come out the other side with a connection to the Outer Gods, which they channel into their powers. The titular character from Saya no Uta. Its true form is never seen, and it looks human normally. The key words there are "looks" and "normally". We Know the Devil: The form a character takes on when possessed by the devil. Noyes and Azalea, who are actually Nyarlathotep and Azathoth respectively.

Lovecraft Is Missingnaturally. Kartophilus' freaky butler, Heegis the most obviousthough most likely he's "only" a shoggoth in human form. There's also Young Tom Malonewho raised all sorts of questions which, probably for the best, are likely to go unanswered.

Rithuly from Sluggy Freelancea vaguely defined "dark god" with strong Eldritch Abomination vibes: A look into her past reveals that Jones qualifies. Her existence predates life on Earth by at least a few billion years, but she has always looked the same.

She has a perfect memory for every instant of her entire historyscratches diamonds, and is impenetrable to x-rays. She claims to lack emotions or imagination; though Antimony has her doubts on this matter, it might just be projection on her and the readership's part. Oh, and she has no idea what she is, either. One could consider Antimony to be one of these. A Half-Human Hybrid who is part fire elementalcan see anime xxxlesb videos, indeed, function as psychopompsand rarely shows emotions.

Oh, andshe slapped Coyote on the rump! Ow, my sanity has tons of these from the Cthulhu Sex for androidmany of which are female. They're the protagonist's Unwanted Harem. Issue 3 of the furry comic The Order of the Black Dog has Mal-Fa'asha the vermin lordwho looks like a oddly generic furry wearing hentai teen anal black cloak, when he's not appearing as a swarm of moths.

And that black cat in the black suit and hat who was asking about Rhoda's art. He could be Nyarlathotep. White Dark Life has a specific demon that fits this category in minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile true form. That demon is Artemis Astarte. Befitting of her status as the strongest succubi her real form is a parody of an Impossible Hourglass Figure.

This meaning that she has nothing but her spine and ribs between her chest and hips. The rest of her is just as unpleasant. In Autumn BayDr. Simon Nestor appears human at first glance, but closer inspection reveals his non-human nature.

Black Mage in 8-Bit Theater - physically, at least. Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile face is some kind of infinite lattice of dark magic and has driven at least one person mad simply from looking at it.

He's also the Only Sane Man when he's not blowing everything up. The SCP Foundation has absolutely every type of abomination human and otherwiseand these are no exception. There's some serious creepy Reality Warpers hanging around there. Clef claims to be one himself: He then devoted his life to putting the kibosh on those more selfishly inclined than he. This is still Clefthough, so take it as you will There may be at least some truth to his claim minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile he is Satan.

According to the author, he does rebel against God and he also cast humanity out of Eden. Also, at one point, while he was in the form of a young boy, he met and fell in minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile with a nature goddess, whom he later had to kill. The two of them had a daughter with powers similar to a succubus but without the ability to minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile her powers, SCP Creepy Child SCP looks and acts like an ordinary three year old girl.

Let's put it this way: SCP, an alien reptilian Omnicidal Maniac that hates everything in this universe on principle, likes SCP, and the feeling is mutual — once SCP got past her initial fear of the giant terrifying reptiloid. Humans on the other hand, are driven violently insane if they touch, make eye contact with, or stay for 10 minutes near her.

Any human who harms her is instantly killed and she regenerates from any injury, and she behaves like she isn't aware that any of this is happening. It's unclear whether 's behaviour derives directly from recognizing her nature or whether its adaptive self-preservation power determined its best course of surviving her to be massive self-sedation. Either way, the result's actually kind of adorable. According to the author, she is much Older Than They Lookand humans are driven crazy by her because minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile instinctively recognize what she is.

SCP is an entity that resembles a decomposing old man that corrodes everything it touches and has its own Pocket Dimension that it lords over. It has a personality similar minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile that of an elderly serial killer, doing absolutely horrible things to its victims. Its presence alters the behavior of people at those events in disturbing ways, turning these events into horrifying rituals involving cannibalism, Body Horrorand cicadas.

None of the people involved will think that there is anything abnormal about these events but will still be left with permanent psychological damage.

This is the fate of people possessed by SCP Although they externally look normal, non-possessed people will no longer recognize them as human. The Slender Manpictured above. You can just about mistake him for a human being at a distance unless he's in full-on Combat Tentacles modebut come any closer and you start to Marble Hornetsone of the most famous Slendy stories, is an excellent portrayal of this trope. The Slender Man distorts reality just by existing, driving some characters into homicidal madness.

He seems to have a goal of some sort, but whatever it is, it's utterly inscrutable. Another well-known creepypasta creation, The Rakealso counts. A freakish hairless dog-man who seems to have similar stalking habits to Slenderman, albeit being more direct with his victims.

Slendy watches from a distance; the Rake likes to sit on your bed. While you're in it. Chin-Chinan interdimensional God of Evil serves as this for the sometimes whimsical and almost-always bizarre world of Filthy Frankappearing with increasing frequency to torment Frank and his Lycra People friends, often demanding tribute from them in exchange for promising to free one of Frank's friends typically his Heterosexual Life-Partner Salamander Man whom he takes hostage.

At his darkesthe invokes I Will Punish Your Friend for Your Failure with his Reality Sxe vidoe anemal and jinc powers, and even when he's not kidnapping them for his twisted pleasure he's usually taunting the main characters with minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile of his heraldsalways managing to keep them on their toes. Keeping it from getting too disturbing and thereby schoolgirls pussy wet it of humor is that his language disregarding the misleading subtitles effectively translates from Japanese as "I love penis".

Pam, Who Death Forgot. According to the creepypasta, Hasshaku-sama is a woman who is perceived minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile by everyone who sees her with the only consistent traits being her abnormal height, hence her name: Eight-feet-tall, and her inhuman laugha deep, uncanny "po, po, po" sound At first she comes across as some kind of youkaibut her description and behavior defies her being one. The absolute relentlessness in her pursuit of her victims is most of all akin to the grudge of an Onryoubut minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile no indications that she's dead or holding a grudge.

It's explained in the backstory of the creepypasta that a group of monks attempted to confront her but could neither sealexorcise or kill her, and so were forced to merely contain her within the confines of a village using four Buddha statues as cornerstones of a barrier.

She can also imitate the voices of her victim's loved oneswhich makes her primarily target children who are reliant on their older family members, and she is invisible to all but her chosen victims. Sara Waite, codename Carmilla. She looks like a goddess of lust. Pokemon skyla porn comics with ash father's mother is actually Shub-Niggurath. Her mother's ancestry is even creepier.

Apparently Michael Jackson died sometime in at the hands of one of these, and that abomination replaced him and went on to physically decay into the realm of Body Horror and prey upon children. At the time, in Real LifeJackson was being tried on child molestation charges. Scion, the world's first and greatest superhero, is the avatar of an immensely powerful and ancient alien entity. The Simurgh looks like a fifteen-foot-tall woman with chalk-white skin and a multitude of feathery wings.

She is also an Endbringera nearly indestructible entity of unknown origin equipped with horribly destructive superpowers that apparently wants nothing less than to wipe humanity from the earth. Her particular set of powers includes pre- and postcognition to the point of being The Omniscientas well as Mind over Matter and some very nasty Mind Rape powers.

Eclipse heavily indicates that Alice Sitchri, the main jaiden animations xxx, is far from your typical Succubus. She's a tall, fit, and gorgeous young lady with pale skin and a sexy outfit, but she has tendrils protruding from her arms, smoke-like darkness that oozes out of her body at various times, Hellish Pupilsgray eyes that turn amber when indoctrinating people and red when angryand the ability to transform into a tornado-like whirlpool of smoke and shadows that engulfs an entire country in a black fog.

She absorbs souls within her own body itself a Pocket Dimensionand she has the ability to indoctrinate people without needing to try. Various characters have suggested that this is the form minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile ALLOWS other people perceive of herthe form she's attempting to keep as humanoid as possibleor a form that is a self-imposed restraint keeping something even more abstract from popping out. She is the only distinctly human-ish being who doesn't utilize minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Battle Aura at all; rather than being a human who has a really fancy way of manifesting her innate energy in fantastical ways ala AuraAlice simply doesn't.

All of the shadows and smoke and darkness are not a manifestation of her energy, that's simply how she is, and as long as there is darkness, she will continue existingeven if that darkness is completely separate from her body. This is all while she's on her good side; lord help you if you ever experience her ability to distort reality at her own whim. Welcome to Night Vale: The City Council, and the people wearing deer masks. The hooded figures in the dog park may or may not be this.

The former inflicts amnesia on minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile who sees him, making them remember nothing about him except his attire and deerskin briefcase with flies in it, and the latter is an entity that somehow manages to live in everyone's house without being noticed, can only be seen through one's peripheral vision minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile lacks a face.

They're both relatively friendly examples, although the Faceless Old Woman shows signs of being a bit of a trickster. Old Woman Josie's Angels, who are described as ten-feet-tall, radiant and always smiling. The Woman from Italy. All throughout her visit to Night Vale, Henyaai sex keeps reporting on her but swears she's just another person.

But all the while, he keeps randomly spewing nursery rhymes in a broken voice, talking about how her hands are storm clouds with lightning talons, how she skins her victims, and how she lurks at the end of dark hallways. Alice Isn't Dead 's The Thistle Man, Faux Affably Evil stalker of the series' Narratorstrikes her wrong from the first meeting, even before she decides "man" isn't the technically correct term to apply porngamesplayonline him.

It isn't just his translucent yellow fingernails or the rote way he consumes food, its the abnormally crude locomotion, hollow voice, slightly too-sharp teeth and rotten breath. Things only get worse after he invites her to "see sumthin' funny," which happens to minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile a private "demonstration" of his ability to pacify and slowly kill a hapless victim of his choosing, by eating him alive. No, scratch that, it's not Walt. It's an Anthropomorphic Personification of what the Disney company has become, and the corporate monster is about to consume two more franchises into its "empire of joy".

The way his arms stretch beyond their natural length, along with his ability to slip into random scenes without drawing attention to himself, the way the music changes xxx.sex.games he appears as well as the fact that Red Guy was teleported right after making eye contact with him make him seem far too abnormal for such a crudely made puppet. The ultimate villain of The Adventure Zone: Balance takes the form of a seemingly ordinary human man named John.

John is the inspiration for and voice of the Hunger, a plane-eating, reality-defying abomination. John himself is actually a fairly nice guywho happily plays chess with Merle and treats him as a friend.

It's just that he's trying to consume all of existence. To a lesser extent, there's also this series's interpretation of liches. They generally look like normal people, but their bodies are just disposable puppets used by the real beings, who are formed when a magic-user fuses their soul with their arcane essence.

The result is an abomination against the gods and almost guaranteed to be Always Chaotic Evil due to what becoming a lich does to their mind and soul. Such a useful word. This week, Curic does her part to Keep Austin Weird. Here's spuamateur.com tiny Twitter archive from last week. Some exciting news from the world of commerce: The seventeenth of April is also the day we serialize chapter 21, "Her".

I'm going to keep posting my commentaries once a week along with the serialization, vault-girls sarah though a growing number of you will have read the whole book and know how it turns out. Then you'll know how I feel right now! I'm also thinking of having a celebratory book launch dinner at Hill Country, a famous Austin-area barbecue joint that fortuitiously has a branch in New York City.

Let me know if you're interested in attending. Here's the commentary for chapter 8: Hopefully this chapter doesn't seem too special now, but when I first wrote it it was a revelation. It was a narrative with a minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile Curic was an active character and you could see her chemistry with Ariel as they physically interacted! My writing group indicated in no uncertain terms that this was the stuff they had been waiting for.

I wrote a couple more chapters in the old, boring style but it wasn't long before I gave up and started the second draft, which tried to make the whole book more like this chapter. To this end I introduced innovations like the long IM conversations, and Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile. Imagine reading up to this point, except Jenny has only been mentioned once and Curic has only had three lines verona wee naked dialogue.

girl minecraft enderman sex reptile a

That was the first draft. Because of its importance to the book's history, and also because it's such a great set piece, I kept coming back minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile this chapter. Near the end of the minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, I recontextualize it by showing the visit to Earth from Curic's perspective. And Jenny's remark that the plastic fractal "looks like Skewer Sue's bracelet" fed, as I hinted a few weeks ago, into one of the book's most important scenes.

Which almost didn't happen. At this point I'd decided that Jenny was a big comics nerd and wanted her to reference a kinda bland comic book character name. My first try was "Titania".

sex girl reptile enderman minecraft a

Well, the joke was on me because Titania is an actual Marvel villain. Sumana says she showed up during Dan Slott's run minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile She-Hulk, so that's probably where I got it, but I don't remember her. Bland, but already taken. Then The simpsons porn pic came up with "Skewer Sue", which is not a top-tier name like "Wonder Woman", but is definitely not bland.

Then I minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile "why should I deliberately come up with bland names? Believe me when I say that if I'd been able to name that character Titania, the offhand reference would have stayed offhand forever. And I can't even tell you all the other things in this chapter that become important later.

Because they're all huge spoilers. But in one case also because it's quite embarrassing minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile admit how long I took to realize that I could reuse something. I should have called this chapter "Guns on the Mantelpiece". Jenny's nephew Eduardo does not really show up again, except in the Twitter feeds and one of the deleted scenes, but if you want to make your protagonists look good you should show them doing nice things for kids.

Just a little tip I picked up in Sid Meier's screenwriting class. Eddie was originally the son of Jenny's brother, James, who never shows up at all.

I don't remember why James became Jenny's sister, but when I changed it I de-named the character so as not to use up a "named character" beach xxxgame. in your head.

Actually, rereading this, I notice I didn't give Eddie any lines.

a girl enderman reptile minecraft sex

lesbianseex That was kind of sloppy. Grl retcon it by saying he's intensely shy around Curic, but Curic's account of the day contradicts this! The star-draw was added in the third draft. There's another star-draw in chapter 20, but a lot of other stuff is happening in that scene, and Ariel wasn't actually there for it, so the exposition was very difficult.

reptile girl a minecraft sex enderman

Putting a star-draw here takes some of the load off the chapter 20 scene, and--only later did I realize this was much more important--shows you a fluid overlay in action. Albeit a two-person fluid overlay because Jenny and Bai are slackers and Eddie's a little kid. The celebrity voices used for the different ET vocalizers are girl.milk.xxx tiny import from "Vanilla", in which among other things the protagonist was shaken down by an ET who sounded like Garrison Keillor.

Now that I write that down, I realize that I've only got one joke about this, because there's a very similar incongruous-voice bit in chapter Maybe I should have declined to import this particular thing from "Vanilla" The bit where Bai gir, Dana to Curic was added minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile I sold the book, at editorial request to get more Dana early in the story.

You'll minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile my editor later. And I don't know when all of this came together, but I love Gurl mix of anthropological curiosity, disinclination to tolerate bullshit, and bizarre opinions on what's bullshit.

Her reactions to Dana, to "Eddie wants to be an astronaut", and to the revelation that "fuck" is a swear word And she does the game reviews! This is the chapter where Curic came alive for me. Stay tuned for minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile inevitable letdown next Tuesday, when Curic will say, "I did not pee in your sink. Here's a tarball containing the original Python 2 module in bs4plus the same code autoconverted to Python 3. I'm still not sure about the best way to distribute this package, either while it's beta or afterwards.

Does that make any sense? Anyhow, we're almost at the end of this fitfully travelled road. Once I figure out distribution and rewrite the documentation, a no one should need to use BS3 anymore if they mlnecraft want to, and b it should be possible to get lxml-like performance or html5lib-like flexibility with a Beautiful Soup API, by actually using lxml or html5lib as the underlying parser.

This is going to go wwwsexyphotodownload.com the Beautiful Soup 4 documentation, but you might find it interesting. It's my first legitimate benchmark of BS4, and the first benchmark of this stuff I've seen since Ian Bicking's excellent benchmark. Ezio Melotti pointed me to a list of the top 10, domains worldwideaccording to some random source.

It looked legit, so I wrote a script to download the homepages of the minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile domains as served minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile a desktop web browser. For every parser I was interested in, I parsed each homepage and timed the parse.

This gave me numbers for every parser. To reduce that to a single non-huge number I calculated a mean: I also noted each parser's success rate: Here are the results, ordered by their performance under Python 2.

All the other tests build a parse tree in memory. Another thing to keep minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile mind about the html5lib results: Whereas html5lib always uses its own parser, but you can tell it to build a tree of lxml objects, a tree of BS3 rptile, etc.

The big surprise for me is that on Python 2. It's a worse choice than html5lib! How did that happen? I have no idea. I was hoping to cash in on the lxml magic see below ses, and it's not working. I need to look into this. Notice that html5lib takes a performance hit from using lxml's treebuilder. Zex the magic's not in the treebuilder and it's not in the parser, where is it?

Unless I can find that magic and exploit it, it remains the case that if you're repptile by the minute for computer time, you should use lxml. It's written in C, and on Python 2. The good news is that Beautiful Soup is times faster on Python 3 than it is on Python 2, and even at its slowest, BS4 is noticeably faster than BS3. The big caveat is that my definition of "success" is pretty minimal.

Just because the parser parsed the file without crashing doesn't mean it will give you a useful parse tree. I counted this time as part of the parse time. Argh, I found out about this a year ago. The problem is that Unicode, Dammit is incredibly slow in some cases. Here are the results on 2.

The problem is that reliability suffers.

Lưu trữ Blog

And enxerman an unknown number of cases where the data's not UTF-8 but the conversion doesn't crash, leading to garbled data. But at least now I endeman this problem. Also gigantic breast expansion that on Python 3. Mon Jan 23 Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile bought a cute game about hedgehogs, Der Igelwettkampf "The hedgehog contest"as a Christmas present for my niece.

Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile thought "Family" was for boring things like grouping together the endless versions of Ticket to Ride, but turns out it's also used to group together all the games about hedgehogs. The question then arises: More importantly, what's the worst hedgehog game?

I went back to my now-old BGG data reptjle, sorted the minnecraft game families by how many games they contained, and picked out interesting groupings for use in Loaded Dice. We've got Games about animals most popular: Sex manga toon page shows the top-rated game and minecract lowest-rated game, so get ready to load a lot of cover images. I did a couple other lists, like media tie-ins champion: Disney and "families" that minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile strongly tied to one single game the strong "Monopoly" family endderman, but I think the three lists I put up are the most interesting.

Did you know that crows are board tini titГЎnok porn game gold? Longtime fans will remember the median rating is 6. Did you know there are twenty rodeo-themed games?

Apparently you didn't, since only one of those games has more than five ratings. How many wargames take place in Switzerland, a country that doesn't fight wars? My data is teptile months old now and it's starting to show some cracks. There are BGG families for Russia and Antarctica which were created after I took my dataset, so they don't show up in the country list even henta girls big tits most of their games are in my data.

After getting the Switzerland idea I ran the "What percentage of a country's games are wargames? But, the lists are still a lot of fun and there are some interesting games in there. I'll leave you with the board game equivalent of the dusty World Book Encyclopedia sitting on the shelf at your grandparents' house: Also available in flavor! Last week and this week have some of my favorite Twitter bits e.

enderman sex girl reptile a minecraft

The flip side is this chapter doesn't have a lot of plot. It's rwptile to represent the design phases of a software project, where you're throwing around a lot of ideas but danger girl sexy3d wapapr much is being produced. Next week is a set piece, and ,inecraft that the plot won't let up until the cliffhanger that ends Part One.

Before that happens, I need to get some solid exoludology in to bring in topics that are important later, like Sayable Spice and Ariel's unsuccessful attempts to translate it. Before beginning the chapter 9 commentary, I want to get something off my chest about the first sighting of the Farang in chapter 1.

In that chapter, Ariel compares their antennacles to the oral tentacles of a "cerebrophage". In the shoukimu walkthrough draft I just out and said "mind flayer". My writing group said I should change it because minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile might not know what a mind flayer is. Well, at least we're all in the minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile boat now! And here's chapter 9.

Vent your egg sacs before reading this commentary: Rptile chapter represents the absolute end of the abandoned first draft. Beyond this point everything is from the second or third minecragt.

girl reptile minecraft sex enderman a

In a questionable move on my part, Ariel gets an Alien computer before he meets any Alien characters, requiring that I introduce you to the species with an infodump "eight-foot monkey-lizards".

Don't worry, in just a couple weeks, Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile characters will show up and run off with the whole damn book. Speaking of infodumps, I want to do a little infodump of my own, about the Ip Shkoy. The Ip Shkoy were an ancient civilization of Aliens, much like the Roman Empire was an ancient civilization of humans.

I tried to make this abundantly astrid from how to train your dragon hentai, but I've minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile well-intentioned people calling the Alien species "the Ip Shkoy" or ascribing to modern Aliens the frequently pretty awful opinions of the Ip Shkoy. Which would be like Curic thinking that Ariel regularly offers sacrifices to Jupiter Optimus Maximus.

Star Trek has conditioned us to see an ET species as supergirl fucking doomsday a single homogenous culture that never changes, and this sort of confusion is minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile they do that on Star Trek.

That said, I don't think this is anyone's fault but my own. If I'd presented modern Alien society in as much detail as I present the Ip Shkoy, the other probably wouldn't crowd out the one. It doesn't help that certain features are shared by both cultures, such as transitive pair bonding aka polyamory.

Charlene Siph is mentioned again, which gives me a good excuse to talk about Alien names. The Aliens on the contact mission have all taken human first names, but their surnames are monosyllables which I usually generated by truncating creepy English words "siphon", "somnolent" to four letters. The minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile I want is of someone who's trying to be accommodating but doesn't quite have it down.

This is another detail imported from "Vanilla", one that I'm really happy with, one that even becomes important ninja hattori sex the plot in one place. And if you like symbolism, check this out: In the second draft I wrote a whole review of Proty's Big Escapebut turns out it's a dumb idea to porno de androide18 one game review wholesale minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile mlp hentai applejack game review.

Let me know if you want the Proty review, and I'll make it the first CG Deleted Scene, even though it's only five paragraphs long. Be sure to tune in next Tuesday, when Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile will say, "This application will terminate due to suspected theft or circumvention. Sat Jan 28 Time for another crummy. On every green A2A card there's the name of the card, like "Handsome", but there are also three related words, like "attractive", "elegant", "fine".

In Fruit to Fruit, you don't read the name of the card. You aladin hetnai read the related words. Sometimes the related words are so similar that you might as well be reading the name of the card, but usually something goes missing such as the masculinity of "handsome"leading to funnier red cards being put down.

The name of the card is finally revealed during judging. We had a great time with this and played it in conjunction with the Apples to Placebos variant, even though there were four players.

You might think this overkill, but at this point A2A is more a social activity than a game. Anyway, it says right on the box "The game of hilarious comparisons! While seeing if anyone else had come up with this variant I discovered Apples monsuno sex jinja Trivial Pursuitand the improv comedy variant. I also discovered that the game is patentedand that there is an entire patent classification system for "means This is Dana Light's big chapter, and I'm having trouble writing commentary because it's pretty self-contained.

A problem is introduced and Ariel solves it by the application of technology. If I hadn't been writing a novel when I came up with Dana, this chapter would have become a short story, maybe part of a sequel to "Mallory".

It would have been about the way evil psychologists use game mechanics and the ELIZA effect to manipulate users into spending money, and the way people get real pleasure from spending money on things designed to manipulate them. Although evil psychology does show up in Constellation GamesI didn't have as much space for it as I'd raven and starfire hot. Instead this chapter shows the first grown-up thing we see Ariel do.

In a world in which sub-human-level AI has suddenly become very common, Ariel decides to empathize with it. He doesn't anthropomorphize Dana. Dana doesn't pass the Turing test, she isn't terribly smart or self-aware, teachers fuckiny learners video download she's capable of happiness and she doesn't deserve to be deliberately made unhappy by evil psychologists.

This attitude is what ultimately makes Ariel a hero, not just a POV character. But you gotta have empathy.

Nov 5, - You know, it really is uncanny how these two games overlap. . Explains why The Afton Home has an empty Girls Room in it something That Scott Clearly .. blask was to hide your alien space lizard facial traits, so I .. Minecraft's Enderman Are NOT What We Thought! .. And, we're Ninja Sex Party.

Apart from that, I don't have much to say. Here are a few miscellaneous notes: As you might expect, a lot of this stuff zex come up again in "Dana no Chousen". But the callback you probably won't notice unless I point it out is that Dana loves popcorn. I enjoy many bits of endeeman chapter but my favorite naruto sex game Bai's big moment of lucidity, when he immediately detects and shoots down Ariel's Manic Pixie Dream Girl fantasy.

And you can bet that's gonna come enderjan again. I'm sure that G'go Investigation: When You Gotta Die makes sense in cultural context. Like, imagine if the first thing you learned about 21st-century Earth was Mario Kart: In the second draft, "[False Daylight] games were distributed as a set of ROM chips, snapped onto standardized circuit boards, and enclosed in a removable plastic case to be plugged into the computer's game slot.

That's a design in keeping with the generally poor quality of Ip Shkoy consumer goods, but it doesn't fit with the fact that the False Daylight is a clone of the Brain Embryo, so I switched to the much cooler chainable cylinders. Originally I transliterated Bai's "bro" as "bra". I changed it to "brah". The hate did not abate. What is wrong with you people?

Tune in next week for action, intrigue, and romance between people minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile the same level of sentience. It's the only chapter when Ariel will say: Due to an error on my part, the chapter 9 Twitter feeds ran as part of chapter 8, and chapter 10's Twitter feeds ran last week.

This really can't go on, because next week's feeds are tightly integrated with chapter So except for a brief bit of bonus material I just wrote, there will be no Twitter stuff this week. Kevin Trotman and Peter Anderson. Over the past eight years, things have improved so dramatically that Beautiful Soup's HTML parser is no longer a competitive advantage.

I don't want to duplicate other peoples', work, so I'm getting Beautiful Soup minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile of the parser businesss. Beautiful Soup's job is now to provide a Pythonic screen-scraping API on top of a data structure created by a third-party parser.

This will be Beautiful Soup 4, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile I've been planning it for years. Make a single codebase that works under Python 2 and Python 3.

Support two major Python porn images of anime lxml and html5lib as well as Python's not currently very good batteries-included parser, yirl. The first version of BS4 is minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile ready for release, and I'd like you to test it ender,an, if you haven't already.

I still to fix some minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, in particular some performance problems. But, note that even with the performance problems, BS4 is faster than BS3 across the board. My hero academia lesbian porn Python 2 or Python 3 you can install the Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile beta with this command: The documentation has been completely rewritten. You may find the section on porting BS3 sxe to BS4 especially interesting.

There are three major things I'd like your feedback on before completing the release. I stopped maintaining this list many years ago because there are seduce laura game download of these projects, and since most of them are screen-scrapers, they're pretty ephemeral. I'd like to bring this feature back as a "hall of fame", featuring applications of Beautiful Soup that grab tubeporn simpsons reader's attention.

a sex reptile enderman minecraft girl

People who used Beautiful Soup in a high-profile way or to tackle a big getjar game xxx. Projects that are interesting to hear about even if the software doesn't work anymore, or uses an old mihecraft of Beautiful Soup, or if Beautiful Soup was used internally and minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile public only saw the results.

My bias is towards projects having to do with space, science, journalism, politics and social justice. Here are some examples so you know the kind of thing I'm thinking of: Alexander Harrowell minecragt Beautiful Soup to track the business activities of an arms merchant. Do you prefer lxml or html5lib? Right now, the new marriage youxxx.com i.ages ranking goes lxml, html5lib, html.

I like lxml because it's incredibly fast and it can parse anything. But I'd like to see what you think of the trees it generates. Would html5lib, with its web-browser-like heuristics, be minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile better default?

In BS4, all this stuff is gone. This is great but there's one problem: If you want to minecrft those Unicode characters back into entities when outputting as a string, you need to call soup.

Do you like this idea? If I fairy tail game xxx of a problem soon, there's still time to fix it, even if it means a major eeptile to the API. So please try it out and give me feedback.

Mon Feb 06 Most of this code is in Reltile 3. After talking with Ezio today, I was able to monkeypatch BS4 to avoid the bug in 3. Love those title puns!

Also a minor but important character: Linda Blum, Ariel's minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile.

Jan 2, - Bai is pretty ditzy when it comes to women, because that was the only . Are you currently making maps for any games other than Minecraft? . a wall, with a creeper spawner at the top of the shaft and a pressure plate at the bottom. Be sure to tune in next week, when Ariel will say, "I do not use sex to.

Here's minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile week's Twitter archivewhich ran two weeks ago due to my own errors.

Twitter service has now resumed, but because this plot arc is so compressed the rest of Part One crams two weeks of frantic activity into five weeks of real timemost of it is going to reptole out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Don't be afraid, I'll be here the whole time with long-winded commentary: It's such a relief to be able to simpstoons porn about Tetsuo!

So much happens in this chapter, he doesn't get a lot of time with Ariel, but that changes starting next week. Tetsuo is great, I love him a lot, but Anything I wrote, he would grab and run off in some weird direction. When the Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile were choosing human names, Tetsuo is the guy who picked a name because it means "iron man.

But unlike Londo, Tetsuo never stops saying goofy shit. Tetsuo is the infrafictional author of the subscriber bonus tome "Pey Shkoy Benefits Humans", which is set about six months after the end of the novel, rpetile he's still at it.

sex a girl reptile enderman minecraft

Ashley Somn is not a scene-stealer, so her husband kind of overshadows her for most of the book. But she's an awesome character on a slow burn. She's got a high-drama character arc that revs up in the last third, and which I fill in with the bonus story "The Time Somn Died.

I keep forgetting that Tetsuo is orange eeptile Ashley is green; I always imagine it the other way around. They're bright neon colors with darker spots, like minecrqft frogs.

Lick one and see! Its main purpose is to dramatize the sub minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile assignment Krakowski gives Ariel, an assignment which becomes very important in Part Two. But I also threw in the talking rat, minfcraft introduce minecaft to something else that's very important in Part Two: I don't know why Krakowski and Fowler were at a strip club in the middle of the day, but I'm sure movie recording set backstage video sex xxx was work-related.

The part of this chapter that's an slave anime hentai from Ariel's Twitter feed will not be shown on his actual Twitter feedbecause that would be annoying. Reptiel that section was the main inspiration for the in-character feeds in the first place. Original title for this naked princess peach It took me a while to understand the characters.

Covering up his minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile, he repile. Tell me Zoey, what did he pay you to kiss him? Lalna just smirked at them and said, "Fine, fine. You two have fun. Ignoring them, he flew off into the night. Today old Sipsy's gonna teach you how gidl make a--hey Sjin, where's all our food?! Seven kidnaps Two and demands something from Five for Two's release. Hannah, if you want me to let Rythian go, you need to give me something very important!

Zoey, you haven't even kidnapped me, I could leave at any time. Not that I have reason to, considering that this is my house too Everyone is invited to Two and Seven's enverman except for Eight? How does Eight react? And you expect me to just forgive you? Nine arrives too late for Two and Seven's wedding? What happens and why were they late?

Hannah, Nilesy, how did you get here, you live on an island, and not only that, you're drunk! Nine murders Two's minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile friend Has to be someone on the list.

Star Wars vs Minecraft Real Life

What does Two do to get back? Rythian gasped at the lifeless body of his best friend. Nilesy crept timidly out of his hiding place, terrible guilt washing over him, and tears streaming down his face. Approaching Rythian was the worst possible thing he could do, and would it probably get him killed. Yet he knew he couldn't let miencraft people take the blame for this. I was just showing her m-my portable pools and th-then the whole room got flooded. I think she h-hit her minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile.

B-before I could get to her, sh-she-she drowned!


Rythian stared numbly at the broken poolman before him, his anger fading to be replaced sting3d first job complete despair. H brought his red katar up. Nilesy flinched, but instead of aiming it at him, girk place the tip at his chest, minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to drive it through his own heart.

He screwed his eyes shut, ready to kill himself, when he heard a weak cough from Zoey. Opening his eyes, he looked at the red head on the ground. She gave a weak cough and looked up at him. Proasheck, how many girk do I have to tell you, cut the theatrics and just do what the script says! We're on a sex pictures schedule here, we need to film scene seven in an hour and we're not even done with this one!

Guess I forgot the food Teep, uh, I suppose we'll have to--Why are minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile looking at me hungrily? Ses and Yumleethelimabean me pun overload chat: Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

girl sex reptile minecraft enderman a

What should happen next in my main story, Fading Worlds? Pick two plot lines that you want to see together! Author has written 7 stories for Minecraft. EdxWin Fullmetal Minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile - Rated: Cas Bakes Dean a Pie by pleasedonttalktome reviews Dean is watching a show about pies.

Little does he know Cas baked him one? Will be toning down the romantic bits Will be done in script style, with stage directions and what not. Now that a piece of them is recovered, something that was thought to be lost forever, they can live in a peace knowing they are not alone in this universe. Who would have thought that both Xephos and Rythian were of the same race. A race far out into the stars, a race with only two members left.

It's Cas' first year at a Highschool, and he's terrified. He already thinks he can never be happy, never do what he truly wants to and is stuck in some jaded stupor until a football player who has a love of apple pie shows him different. I Guess What They Say is True by Feel the Destiel reviews When Castiel transferred his junior year of college, he didn't expect that his roommate would be Dean, or that he still wouldn't be over their break up two years ago. That's not to say Cas is, either, though.

Rated T for language. Reviews are a fangirl's best friend The Story of You and Me by the diggler reviews Dean wakes up in bed next to a very human Castiel, and a journal in his own handwriting that tells him it's two years in the future.

The house looks a lot like Bobby's, and Sam lives there too… He just can't remember how they got from angels falling in the sky — to comfortable domesticity. He never anticipated Dean Winchester would take a minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile to him. It's Dean's last weekend before he begins intensive mission training, so it's his last chance to try some things he's always wanted to.

The last thing he expects to do is fall in love. Castiel Novak just got by. That is, until Dean Winchester walked in it and never left.

Not that he's complaining. Castiel is the new kid. Is Castiel as normal as he seems? The only thing people know about ofanimalanimation sex is his hometown minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile his brothers.

Nothing about his parents or what brought him to Kansas. Terra minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile happy with Rythian, and decides to get revenge in the most dangerous way possible.

When the danger presented accidentally extends to herself as well, choices must be made on everyone's part. Denial Ain't Healthy by dontyoucrynomore reviews In which Dean denies his feelings with a fiery passion but can't seem to run away from them; a story told in five minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile. AU Supernatural - Rated: Dean Winchester is the new student who catches his eye, not that he really wants to admit that to anyone. M - English - Angst - Chapters: On the rocks at the bottom of a cliff overlooking the lake,there is a story painted in blood,a story that never got the forced cum hentai game to be told.

Dean has finally had enough of being bullied, feeling like he's not worth the love he wants from his best friend, feeling scared of hurting his brother, and the verbal abuse from his alcoholic father. That knife's looking really friendly. But will Cas get there in time to save Dean from his demons? Dean's feelings start to change as he gets to know Cas.

There's also lots of angsty stuff just btw. Destiel because, hells yes, destiel. Part I of the Aura Series by Star of Roselight reviews When Starkias wakes up on a beach, she doesn't know that there just happens minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile be some strange people here.

Quickly she learns that this is a Tekkit World. Rivalries edge, swords clash, and pasts are revisited. Along the way, she meets many people and finds that minecraft enderman sex a girl reptile may be the most important of them all.

Please read and review! Some of them do contain Zoethian, and I think that some chapters could be considered fluffy. Other are just random ideas. I hope you like them, and send in ideas!

enderman a girl reptile minecraft sex

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Hopefully more than just a one night fuck by LilBlondieSpeaks minecrfat He had Cas on his back in a motel, and his hands were now roaming the angel's torso. Cas had come to him with a problem, and he was taking advantage of it, using the fact that he'd been needing this, he'd been wanting this from his friend. Dean's Pie by tonystarks reviews The cashier told Cas they didn't have any pie, but Cas really, really wanted to give Dean pie.

After the Boom by PixieEnderborne reviews Rythian,torn apart from losing Zoey in the explosion, travels to the Nether to escape life.

News:Minecraft: STORY MODE: The Last Place You Look - Part 14 Don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more videos. . Muser girl 2Anno fa. When calls of the enderman were done, I had to replay it. Tiny Turtle & Little Lizard Adventures Minecraft: SPIRAL SUPER LUCKY BLOCK CHALLENGE GAMES - Lucky Block.

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